The Art of Expressing
Yourself Artistically

As The Monarch Ink, we are located in the heart of Alsancak's colorful and artistic atmosphere, on Gül Street! We are a family that reflects the dynamic flow of art and life in every tattoo we make. We see the art of tattooing not just as a job, but as a part of our soul.

The Monarch Ink philosophy lies in transforming your dreams and thoughts into a work of art. With our free design service, we create unique and personalized designs for you. Each design carries a piece of your life, a trace of your story.

How We Work

At The Monarch Ink, we see every tattoo as a reflection of your passions and dreams. Meet us on Alsancak Gül Street for a tattoo experience that will carry the mark of your passion.

1 Free Design

Whatever your passion is, we turn it into art. Icons you admire, meaningful memories, or a dream you have, all take shape as tattoo art in our hands.

2 Set an Appointment

Share your excitement and plan your appointment to transform this enthusiasm into a tattoo. We can't wait to create a magnificent piece together.

3 Experience Your Art

With your custom-designed tattoo that reflects your creativity and style, imprint art onto your skin. The Monarch Ink is with you on your journey to transform your dream tattoo into a real piece of art.

Make an Appointment

Take the first step for your dream tattoo! You can easily make an appointment through our website. After choosing the design you want and the artist you prefer, determine the most suitable time for you. We are eagerly waiting to welcome you at our studio on Alsancak Gül Street.

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Appointment date and time may vary depending on the availability of our studio.

What We Offer
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We practice tattoo art with various techniques. Western technique for modern and detailed designs, Japanese technique for traditional and mystical touches, Samoan and Ancient Thai techniques for ethnic and spiritual patterns. Additionally, we create bold and original spirals and swirls with the Maori technique. Each technique imprints your story onto your body in a unique way.

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Our piercing service is provided by experienced specialists using modern and sterile equipment. Each piercing is carefully done according to your preference and body structure.

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